Holosys LoRaWAN™ products lineup announcement

Holosys OMS | LoRaWAN™ Gateway HoloSphere HS – Key star of a new Holosys product lineup.

Last week, Holosys Ltd. has announced new line of products based on LoRaWAN™ protocol.


The current products offer, which was based on M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus communication protocols devices, has grown in numbers and now has the LoRaWAN™ products ready to hit the market.


The newly released products include: Holosys OMS | LoRaWAN™ Gateway HoloSphere HS, Holosys LoRaWAN™ PulseReader WPx-L, Holosys LoRaWAN™ GasPulsar GP-L, Holosys LoRaWAN™ Environment Sensor WES-L and Holosys LoRaWAN™ Temperature Sensor WTS-L.


You can find more information about the product at our Products pages while official launch is set for the European Utility Week event in Amsterdam which will be held from October 3-5, 2017.