HoloAMR - AMR & Consumption Monitoring Software

  • Web-based software, no need for additional client software installation
  • Reporting on meter state, consumption and comparison with other meters
  • Meter grouping by location or other business criteria
  • Alarms and subscriptions options
  • Data acquisition through FTP/XML
  • Compatible with all leading AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems
  • Multilanguage

HoloAMR is a web-based software for meter-data acquisition and water and energy data analysis.


It is primarily designed for Automatic Meter Rea ding scenarios (fixed network) without limits regarding the data reception frequency or the number of meters monitored. It is intended to be used in electricity, gas, water or heat distribution networks aswell as in companies who want to monitor energy usage for energy management and efficiency purposes.

HoloAMR is also available in SaaS (Software as a Service) option.

Meter administration

  • Meter type (distribution, industrial, residential,...)
  • Consumption type (industrial, household, mix,...)
  • Meter model
  • Meter capacity/diameter
  • Measured quantity

Meter area organization

  • Organization Units
  • Locations
  • Measurement locations
  • Groups

System events monitoring, a larms and subscriptions

  • Source: meter or communication unit
  • Severity: informative...critical
  • Type: negative consumption, increased consumption, no meter readout data...
  • Time intervals
  • Subscription groups

Meter network overview

  • Individual meters
  • Meter groups
  • Organization units
  • Locations


  • Meter state
  • Meter consumption
  • State/Consumption comparison

Data export and integration with other applications