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Holosys M-Bus PulseReader Px

  • Non-erasable memory in case of battery discharge
  • Wide temperature range
  • Two (P2 device) or four (P4 device) independent meters readout option
  • In accordance with M-Bus EN 13757-2 and EN13757-3 standards
  • Primary and secondary addressing option
  • Meter reading on due date option
  • Two-tariff systems readout option
  • High-capacity battery in case of M-Bus power supply failure

Holosys M-Bus PulseReader Px is a device for two (P2 device) or four (P4 device) independent meters (water, gas, heat, electricity) readouts in accordance with EN 13757-2, EN 13757-3, and EN 1434-3 standards.


Holosys M-Bus PulseReader is represented as two (P2 device) or four (P4 device) independent M-Bus slave devices in the M-Bus system.

Key Features

For each of the M-Bus slave devices presented by the PulseReader, the user can assign one primary and one secondary address. Support for secondary addressing makes the device suitable for implementation in M-Bus systems with more than 250 M-Bus slaves.

The device is equipped with due date meter reading function. Meter readout data are stored separately for each input on the date defined by the user. Thereby it is easy to track the consumption of a certain utility meter.

Holosys M-Bus PulseReader has an integrated support for systems with two different tariffs. In such operating mode, one of the inputs for non-voltage contacts is used for pulse counting while the other input is used for tariff switching. Model P2 supports one, and P4 two dual-tariff meters.

In case of power supply or M-Bus failure, the device is equipped with an internal battery. The device monitors power supply voltage levels and in case of power loss on the bus, the device automatically switches to battery power to ensure the continuity of pulse counting and data integrity. The device also saves the data on a daily basis into non-volatile memory in case of battery discharge.

Technical Data

Input potential

floating, resistance to ground > 1MΩ

Source resistance

open > 1MΩ, closed < 2kΩ

Max. source capacity

2nF (short sampling), 12nF (long sampling)

Min. pulse duration

33 ms

Min. pause between pulses

33 ms

Max. pulse frequency:

15 Hz

Input current:

30 μA

Contact voltage

2.5V ... 3.6V

Power supply

M-Bus powered / automatically switched to integrated battery supply in case of power failure

M-Bus current load:

1UL= 1.5 mA

Battery operation mode consumption

30 μA (long sampling)

Short sampling extends battery lifetime ~ 12%

Battery operation mode battery lifetime

Standard: ~ 11 month

Optional: ~ 6 years

Premium: ~ 7 years

Battery lifetime during 10 years opeation period (25°C)

Standard: ~ 32 days/year

Optional: ~ 180 days/year

Premium: ~ 210 days/year

M-Bus interface


EN 13757-3, EN 1434-3

M-Bus quiescent current

L < 1.5 mA (MARK current)

M-Bus current

H= L (MARK current) + 13 mA typ. (SPACE current)

M-Bus drive

Texas Instruments TSS721

Protection resistance

2 x 215 Ω

Data transfer rate

300, 2400, 9600 baud with automatic transfer rate speed detection

Addressing (each input)

One primary and one secondary address

General data


Material: Thermoplastic

Dimensions (w x h x l): 75 x 74 x 40 mm

Color: Light gray

Protection type: IP68

Mounting: Bolts on the mountable surface

Operating temperature range

-20°C ...+60°C