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Holosys M250GL

  • Embedded GPRS modem for data communication: GSM data GPRS data Periodical meter readout data transfer stored in XML file format using FTP protocol
  • In accordance with EN 13757-2 and EN 13757-3
  • Up to 250 M-Bus slave primary addressed units
  • Secondary addressing option for maximum M-Bus system size
  • One minute minimum resolution readout period
  • Meter readout data stored on external SD memory card (up to 4 GB)
  • Meter readout data stored in XML data file format for easy integration in billing and business information systems
  • Embedded M-Bus/RS-232 level converter

Holosys M-Bus M250GL is a digital M-Bus master and computer device. Because of its 250 M-Bus slave devices capacity it is suitable for large M-Bus installations.


Different storage options of the readout data, device programmability capabilities and the versatile communication interfaces enables easy M-Bus systems integration in customer’s specific business processes.

Data Collection

  • M-Bus slave devices readout according to EN 13757-2 and EN 13757-3
  • Up to 250 M-Bus slave devices direct connection
  • More than 250 M-Bus slave devices addressing option using the secondary addressing and M-Bus repeater unit

Received Meter Readout Data Logging

  • Periodical data readout with adjustable time period
  • One minute minimum readout period
  • Readout data storage on an external SD memory card (SecureDigital Flash memory card, FAT32 file system)
  • Up to 4 GB of memory storage (depending of the SD memory card capacity)
  • XML readout data storage file format for easy data processing and integration in various information systems
  • Configurable alarms and alerts for system parameters, system logs storage to non-volatile memory, alarms and alerts transmission using SMS
  • Meter readout data transfer to one or multiple FTP servers

Embedded GPRS Modem

  • Standard SIM card slot for mobile network provider SIM card installation
  • GSM/GPRS parameters setup/upgrade option
  • Periodical readout data transfer to the FTP server or via SMTP protocol
  • Secondary FTP server setup option (in case the primary FTP server is unavaible)
  • Remote firmware update update
  • M-Bus M250GL device remote control feature using installed Web interface or using compatible Windows software


  • Command line interpreter for device parameters configuration thorugh RS-232 or TCP/IP connection (line terminal, TELNET)
  • Device configuration data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Embedded battery powered Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Two remotely controlled digital outputs
  • Two configurable digital inputs
  • SMS alarm messaging options with customizable SMS message content based on different alarm type
  • LED flashing device operation modes

M-Bus Interface

M-Bus maximum transfer rate

2400 Baud

System specifications


GSM standard SMS, Fax, CSD, GPRS Class10, support for PBCCH, support for 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz GSM band

Supported network services and protocols

IP v4, TCP, UDP, DNS (client), PING, POP3 (client), SMTP (client), FTP (server, client), HTTP (server)

Additional communication (input and output module)

2x digital input, opto-isolated non-voltage contact, 12V isolated source 2x digital output, opto-isolated semiconductor relay, 60V, 700 mA max. RS232PC

FLASH RAM module

SD memory card (Up to 4 GB)

Processor module (MPU)

Programmable module with scripting capability. Remote firmware update and remote software installation are available.

M-Bus Interface

Maximum number of M-Bus slave devices

250More than 250 M-Bus slave devices addressing option using the secondary addressing and the M-Bus Repeater device

M-Bus level, non-active

27V +/- 2V

M-Bus level, active

39V */- 2V

Maximum M-Bus current

> 375 mA

Overcurrent protection

> 425 mA

Overcurrent protection break-up time

1 s

General Data

Power supply

10.5 ... 16V DC, Pmax. = 18 W @ max. load


Color: Light gray

Mounting: DIN rail

Width: 9 units (157,5 mm)

Protection class


Operating temperature range

-40°C ... +70°C


10% ... 70% relative humidity (without condensation)


~ 350 g