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Holosys RadioSphere PDA RS

Holosys RadioSphere PDA RS is a stand-alone portable device meter data readout.


Meter reading can be done automatically using wireless connection or the data can be entered manually in case the meter doesn't have wireless transmitter installed. 

Holosys RadioSphere PDA RS supports predefined lists of meters to be read, so the technicians know exactly the meter order of the readout route. For each meter data entered, the exact date and time of readout entry is also memorized. Apart from predefined lists, Holosys RadioSphere PDA RS also supports reading of unknown meters in a newly installed area whereby all the meters are scanned and a new meter list is automatically created, which can be used as a predefined list in the future. Whenever a meter is wirelessly read, all the alarms and other data are also automatically stored. The built-in camera enables the meters to be photographed if needed (in case of tampering, damage...).

Holosys RadioSphere PDA RS is equiped with large capacity batteries and battery usage optimization software, so that a fully charged device can be used throughout the whole day. Nevertheless, should the battery get depleted anyway, current state is saved into the memory so that after the battery is charged, the work can be continued.

Holosys RadioSphere PDA RS is used together with Holosys M-Centar software.

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