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Holosys Wireless M-Bus OMS Environment Sensor WES

  • Wireless M-Bus in accordance with EN 13757-4
  • OMS v4.x.x. compatible
  • 868 MHz operating frequency
  • Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure monitoring
  • Exchangeable AA batteries, min. 5 years lifetime
  • Can be used with Holosys WREP and WR for integration into Energy Management Information Systems

Holosys Wireless M-Bus OMS Environment Sensor WES is a radio module that allows temperature, humidity and enviroment air pressure wireless monitoring.


The data is transferred by Wireless M-Bus OMS radio telegram according to OMS specification.


Wireless M-Bus OMS standard ensures compatibility with the equipment from different manufacturers. Compact design, with embedded sensors, ensures easy mounting and maintenance.

Key Features

  • Compact design, all-in-one package (without external parts)
  • Integrated temperature sensor (±0.5°C accuracy ( 5°C ... 50 °C temperature range))
  • Integrated humidity sensor (±3.0 % relative humidity accuracy (20 … 80 % RH @ 25°C)
  • Integrated pressure sensor (±2.5 hPa accuracy (10 hPa ... 1200 hPa)
  • Implemented International Standard Atmosphere Model
  • Operating frequency 868 MHz
  • Protection type: IP20
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ... 80°C
  • Long lasting battery operation (up to 10 years, depending on the configuration)
  • Easily replaceable batteries (2 x AA)
  • Wireless M-Bus OMS radio telegrams periodical data sending with additional information depending on the configuration
  • Radio telegram AES-128 encryption in order to protect data content
  • Configurable AES-128 password
  • Battery powered radio repeater synchronization
  • Adjustable radio telegrams sending interval
  • Embedded Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Low battery alarm sending
  • Remaining battery life time sending 
  • Device configuration using the AES-128-protected radio channel