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Holosys Wireless M-Bus OMS GasPulsar GP

  • Wireless M-bus in accordance with EN 13757-4
  • Operating frequency 868 MHz
  • Battery supplied device with autonomous operation of up to 15 years or more
  • Integrated “reed contact” for direct mounting on gas meter
  • Various Itron and Elster diaphragm gas meter types supported
  • Exchangeable battery

Holosys Wireless M-Bus OMS GasPulsar GP is a compact radio module that provides Itron (G4-G25) and Elster (G4-G25) diaphragm gas meter types readout.


Compact design with embedded “reed” sensor decreases number of necessary components which guarantees easier mounting and maintainance. It is also possible to mount devices on gas meters, set their parameters and activate them before delivery tothe customer which significantly simplifies gas meter installation and implementation into AMR network.


Open Wireless M-Bus OMS standard provides compatibility with devices from other manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Integrated “reed contact” for direct mounting on gas meter
  • Compact design: direct mounting on diaphragm Itron, Elster and Ikom G4-G25 gas meters 
  • Protection type: IP67
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ... 80°C
  • Wireless M-Bus OMS radio packets periodical sending for meter readout data transfer
  • Radio telegrams adjustable sending interval
  • Radio telegram AES-128 encryption in order to protect data content
  • Configurable AES-128 password
  • Pseudorandom radio telegrams sending in order to avoid synchronous collisions
  • Battery powered radio repeater synchronization
  • Embedded Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Stored counter number on a due date sending
  • Stored manipulation alarm information (Tamper) sending
  • Low battery alarm sending
  • Remaining battery life time sending 
  • Device configuration using the AES-128-protected radio channel

Radio interface


868 MHz SRD band

Antenna type


Data transmission rate

100 Kchips


EN 13757-4

General data

Power supply

Integrated battery

Battery life time (25°C): ~15 years (depending on the configuration)


Material: Thermoplastic

Dimensions (w x h x l): 72 x 92 x 42 mm

Color: Light gray

Protection type: IP67

Mounting: Snap-in

Operating temperature range

-20°C ...+80°C


~ 80 g